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a love like yours... its positively indie

show the love

indie_love is for lovers
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All Members
1) use an lj-cut
2) do not harass others or you will be banned.
3) use an lj-cut!
4) be polite
5) when in doubt use an lj-cut
6) respect other peoples opinions
7) read what is below.

you have to apply to join this community. i will get an e-mail from lj saying that you applied and then i will add you to the community. then you can post the new member's application. MOST IMPORTANT: if you don't post here often (at least 1 a week) you will be removed... if you read this then put a "<3" in the subject line of your app. (we are trying to make this community a close knit group of friends and make it involved.
NEW MEMBERS: YOU MUST POST WITHIN 24 hours other then your app (which should be posted within 24 hours of joining.). or you will be cut.

thank you kindly!

your mod,
Laura (geekyshoelaces)

Your Mod and Co-mods:

if anyone needs to contact me feel free to e-mail me!

Also please fill out this (must be in a lj-cut)

-- basic info --

> Name.
> Age.
> Location.
> Male or Female.

-- favorite / other stuff --

>one role model:
>two words:
>three colors:
>four books:
>five albums:
>six movies:
>seven bands/musicians:
>eight(at the most) pictures of yourself: